Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Blog & Prudent Advice...

Well, I started a baby blog back when I was preggo, but I did one post. I'm hoping to be a little more diligent with this one. I have some family in a few different places, and friends spread out everywhere, so this is just a new way for people to keep up with us. Lots of people are interested in what we are up to now...well, mainly how my sweet little Mary Brent is and what she is doing new each week. :) And I love that people are so interested in her. I love that she gets all the attention from our loved ones. I love that so many people love her.

Anyway~just a little intro into why I decided to "blog." Because I'm not a real noteworthy writer. And I probably won't be able to create real cute or interesting blogs like others I have seen. But that's o.k. :)

So, what finally made me do this was a book I bought for Little Miss today. I just love it. It's called Prudent Advice...lessons for my baby daughter (a life list for every woman). And I know book titles should be underlined-I'm a teacher-and kind of cringe when they're not-but I can't figure out how to underline on here so oh well. Anyway, does anyone have this book? I LOVE it! What is funny to me is that I SWEAR my mom could have written this book. So many of the "tips" in here sound JUST. LIKE. HER. And I thought... I just have to write about this...I don't know why. But, it's all stuff I want MB to know. Stuff I want her to do. To remember. You know what the first bit of advice is? Always send a thank you note. This has served your mother and grandmothers well for generations and seemed a good place to start. HELLLLOOOOO...could that be ANYMORE my mom? Nope! I do love a thank you note. Sent one out today to someone-get this-that I have never met. But, they helped out my little family a couple of weeks ago when we really needed it. I hope that's another thing my daughter does-help others. Even ones she doesn't know. Gosh-I hope it's o.k. to quote this book. Like I said-not my words-the bolded and italics are from the author-Jaime Morrison Curtis. I think this would be a great book for any daughter. Any mom. Any friend. Any woman.

And didn't I say this blog was to update people on Mary Brent? I didn't really do that this time, but I will. Just wanted to share about this book. And now I must run grab some sleep while I can! : ) Nite!